The Methodology of Dawah Manual & Method  (The Miraculous Argument)

Our Dawah Manual and Method represents a core concept in Dawah. It highlights how the greatest evidence for the existence of God is the Qur'an itself. By means of what is known as "The Miraculous Argument" it allows the Da'ee to delve straight into a Qur'an focused Dawah conversation; overruling any need to resort to complex and digressive philosophical arguments. It is a manual that offers a structured approach to delivering the message of Islam while detailing practical steps of implementation. It is without doubt useful to both the beginner and seasoned practitioner.

The manual is freely available to anyone around the globe, in order to help them develop their Dawah skills. The methodology of dawah manual is freely available; to be copied, distributed, translated or hosted on websites for the promotion and development of Dawah.

The latest version of the manual (version 6.1) can be downloaded here The-Methodology-of-Dawah-version.6.1.pdf  (or right click on the link and save target/link as)

A extract from The Methodology of Dawah -

There are many revelations on Earth that claim to be from some or other Deity or group of Deities. How can one differentiate between them all? What are the criteria used to determine which one we select as the most appropriate or one we can ascribe to The God? Now many contemporary Du’aat play a lot of intellectual gymnastics with Atheists and adherents to other faith systems. This sort of excessive philosophical rhetoric can become overwhelming and is mostly unproductive; often leading to dead ends and very little of the message being imparted. Therefore a more justifiable approach is to bring the Quran in as early as possible, since this does two things in particular:

  1. You are teaching them about Islam from the outset by using the Quran
  2. You are able to avoid the intellectual gymnastics of debate in terms of philosophy or cosmological science.

One should note that we are proving the existence of God via means of rational reflection and through deduction based on the presence of Quran. We provide a rational foundation to why we believe what we believe and in particular why we consider the Quran to be from God. We do not and should not resort to what is known as circular reasoning i.e. simply stating that the Quran is from God, because it states that it is from God in the Quran.

The battle of Aql (intellect) and Naql (Text/Revelation) is an imaginary one, as there is no conflict between the two in reality and anyone who makes it an ‘either or’ is actually confused. This is because although the rational mind leads us to accept that the Quran is from God, it also leads to the understanding that we are limited before God – hence the correct intellect (Sahih Aql) and the Naql (revealed texts) will never clash. The Naql will be accepted over the Aql where there is a perceived contradiction or misunderstanding as we can appreciate the limitation in knowledge possessed by man and as such Allah knows best.

Below is a list of criteria that anyone of sound mind would use to justify and distinguish a revelation as being attributed to God almighty.

  Preserved in wording & Meaning

  •Logical view of God

  •Internally consistent and profound

  •Externally consistent and profound

  •Miraculous Nature

  •Applicable Guidance and Purpose

Just before we discuss how the Quran meets the above criteria it is extremely important to highlight the context within which the Quran was revealed. This is because once you come to understand and appreciate how the Quran was revealed before mankind or moreover the people at the time of revelation it will add an extra dimension to the realisation that it would become infinitely more difficulty for this body of text to be the concoction of one or more groups of individuals.

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