Teaching Through Poems

41UFO12cpaLParents and Teachers often find it difficult to introduce key Islamic topics to young children.

It is important to introduce concepts in a way that is both fun and engaging.

Poetry offers the perfect synergy to do just that. Research suggests that by encouraging children to engage in poetry and memorise poems, it can have a significant benefit on their intellectual and analytic abilities.

Poetry has become somewhat of a lost art even though it was used by classical Islamic scholars to encapsulate key principles in grammar, aqidah and morals. More generally, it has been used over the centuries to instil deep emotions and vivid imagery in our minds.

Since children undergo a period of unprecedented change in their early years, exposing them to poetry will help shape a mind that is sharp and inquisitive with the added benefits of a well-developed vocabulary.

Covering topics such as:

•Understanding Allah
•Identifying times for prayer and the names of those prayers
•Actions during wudhu
•Loving the prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam)
•Qualities of the Qur’an
•Love and admiration for parents

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