Just Dawah is a charitable organisation and relies on the donations of the public.

Just Dawah assessed a need for New Muslim Support after research studies showed that many New Muslims were leaving Islam after coming into the fold of Islam due to lack of support from the Muslim Community. Just Dawah aims to empower and provide New Muslims with a strong foundation, easing their transition into Islam so that they can develop their self-confidence as Muslims, taste a deep and unique sense of brother- and sisterhood and enjoy the great blessings of being a Muslim, thus allowing New Muslims to be able to sustain their faith and remain steadfast in times of adversity.

We have a 100% donation policy.

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We use your donations to:

• Provide Quran's for New Muslims.

• Provide 'how to perform Salaat' books and DvD's for New Muslims.

• Provide reading material  & dua books to distribute freely to New Muslims.

• Pay carriage costs for material that is available free.

• Purchase of related equipment, resources and stationery.

• Supporting New Muslims with the resources available to us.

Hosting & Application Costs for the website.


“Who will loan Allah a beautiful loan so He may multiply it for him many times?” [Sûrah al-Baqarah: 245] 

 “So fear Allah as much as you can; listen and obey, and spend in charity; that is better for you. And whosoever is saved from his own greed, they are the successful ones. If you lend to Allah a beautiful loan, He will double it for you and forgive you.” [Sûrah al-Taghâbun: 16-17]

 "Verily, those men and women who give charity and lend Allah a beautiful loan, it shall be increased many times and theirs shall be an honorable good reward.” [Sûrah al-Hadîd: 18]


 JazakAllahu khairan for your kind support